What’s Good About Indian Food?


What is the first word that comes into mind when you see or hear the words, “Indian Food”? Would it be spicy, strong, aromatic, exotic, or all those words? Indian food or Indian cuisine is actually a combination of six flavors with one or two standing out. These flavors are sweet, sour, bitter, salty, astringent and spicy. It is a great cuisine to innovate, experiment and be creative.

Indian cuisine has some of the best and healthiest dishes that carry several benefits. People in India have a low meat consumption rate because of dietary or health reasons and religion. A huge part of their population is vegetarians, while another big part of it is because they are Hindus or Muslims.

So what’s good about Indian food? Here are 5 fun facts and major benefits you should know about!

  1. Most, if not all, Indian dishes are made from scratch! Cooks use only fresh ingredients and spices to create a lovely dish with strong flavors and a pleasing aroma that makes your mouth water. By this fact alone, makes Indian food way healthier than many other cuisines for they use little to no preservatives in their food.
Photo credit to Stevepb via Pixabay
  1. Indian cuisine includes a wide selection of vegetables and fruits into their dishes. While there are processes that tend to squeeze out the nutrients from veggies which loses its health benefits but Indian cooking has a way of retaining their freshness and nutrients. If you want the health benefits of fruits and veggies incorporated into dishes, Indian food is the way to go.
Photo credit to GOLDINPIC via Pixabay
  1. Another fact that falls under health benefits is that yogurt is used as part of many Indian dishes, and we all know the good that yogurt brings to our bodies. Any food that contains yogurt — fermented milk that carries good bacteria — helps in one’s diet, digestion, and many more.
Photo credits to GOLDINPIC via Pixabay
  1. Indian makes use of the many spices that their country produces such as turmeric, ginger, chilies, cumin, cinnamon, and a lot more. Many of these spices have medicinal and healing properties which are very good for the body, thus making a lot of Indian dishes very healthy to eat. Even though people think that Indian food is spicy, strong, or overwhelming, little do they know that it also contains a lot of health benefits as well. Not only does Indian food taste good, but it’s healthy too!
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  1. The strong and overwhelming taste of Indian dishes is brought to us by negative food pairing. According to Munchies, the researchers explained that “the more the extent of flavor-sharing between any two ingredients, the lesser their co-occurrence.” What is so amazing about Indian food is that it stands out among other cuisines because of its dominating flavor and strong signature taste that people won’t ever forget.
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