5 Sports Bar Etiquette Every Sports Fan Should Follow

When the game season comes around, it’s no doubt that sports bars in town are bound to be a full house. There are different ways to watch the game like buying tickets to cheer your favorite teams personally or choosing pay per view. Another fun way to watch sports is going to sports bars and be one with like-minded people who love sports.

Whether you’re a sports bar first-timer or a sports bar regular, good manners and basic respect is important. So here are important sports bar etiquettes to keep in mind!

  1. Think ahead.

You know that game season is always a thing, which means that sports bars will most likely be full. Check all the schedule of the teams you want to watch and plan ahead which sports bar you’d like to go to. When you do, try to arrive at the sports bar earlier than the schedule of your game to save yourself some seats. You don’t want to make an effort going to sports bar only to see that all tables are already taken.

Photo: StartupStockPhotos via Pixabay

Next up, open a tab. You probably already know that every game gets so out of hand when your favorite team starts winning. The same goes for when the game goes downhill. Doing this in advance will help you keep track of what you’re ordering. At the same time, this puts the bartender at ease as this allows the bartender to know that you are aware that you have to pay before you leave.

  1. Respect other fans.

It’s no doubt that rivalry against the teams might get intense. Despite this, always keep in mind to keep the friendliness vibe intact and respect other fans. Avoid insulting others, and just keep the banters light and playful. At the end of the day, it’s just a game and you’re all just sports fans supporting teams who do not even know you. So keep things civil and friendly.

Photo: chelseaouellet via Pixabay
  1. Avoid blocking the view.

Remember that you’re not the only one watching. Have common sense and basic manners — don’t sit or stand in front of other people. It’s that simple. If the bar is an all-standing room only, respect those who came first. You could also acknowledge someone’s presence and try to find a way not to block their view.

  1. Be appropriate.

There’s no harm in being supportive and getting a little deep into the cheerful spirit, but make sure to keep it at bay.  Don’t forget that you are in a bar, with other people dining and drinking while watching the game. Don’t get too loud and don’t be a hater and/or whiner when the team you love, loses. Lastly, don’t get too drunk. Make sure you could still manage yourself in the bar so you won’t cause trouble and be an inconvenience.

Photo: Pexels via Pixabay

Watching at a sports bar is something every sports fan should have experience. It’s a different kind of memory that they could keep. It’s about bonding with friends over food, drinks and sports, while being one with other sports enthusiasts and being friendly with other team’s fans.

Come on down to Bombay Hub Sports Bar & Grill, opening very soon at Palmerston, ON! You’ll surely have many moments to remember because here at Bombay Hub, great stories begin!


6 Crowd-Favorite Indian Dishes of All Time

Out of all the dishes there are in the world, Indian Cuisine has one of the most interesting and striking flavors. According to Indian Food Theory, our food has six tastes that meet our palette: sweet, sour, bitter, salty, astringent and spicy. A proper Indian meal is the perfect balance of all 6 flavors, with one or two standing out. Interesting isn’t it?

Let’s take a look at the people’s favorite Indian dishes of all time!

Chicken Tikka Masala

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Any Indian restaurant’s menu isn’t complete without this notable dish. The Chicken Tikka Masala is a grilled chicken dish that is marinated in chili, garlic, and ginger. It is perfectly paired with thick creamy gravy of spiced tomato. The whole dish ends up with an unforgettable smoky flavor that will have you wanting more after the first bite. It is said that the majority of the dish is made up of spices and condiments that you’ll use many times if you dive deep into Indian cuisine.


Naan (Leavened Indian Flatbread)

Photo: Chan Walrus via Pexels

The flatbread is an unbeatable Indian favorite — it’s a staple in the Indian kitchen and goes with everything you make, including many popular dishes like tandoori chicken or all kinds of kebab dishes. It is traditionally cooked in a tandoor or earthen oven, but they work just as well in the oven in your own home. One ingredient that shouldn’t be forgotten when making Naan is the yogurt as this is often the secret ingredient in Indian dishes.


Rogan Josh

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

This is another all-time favorite dish, which was originally a Kashmiri dish. An authentic Rogan Josh is a fiery red dish containing lamb, flavored with a lot of spices.  This dish gets its fiery red color from the use of Kashmiri chilies, red peppers, and tomatoes. The heat of the dish is toned down by the cream that is added later on. When making Rogan Josh, you should have your cardamom, cumin, turmeric, and garam masala spices on standby.


Malai Kofta

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The Malai Kofta is a dish of vegetable balls in a thick sauce and is considered to be a vegetarian alternative for meatballs. Koftas are made with a mix of sweet potatoes, carrots, beans, [ease, and sweet corn. While it’s perfect with Naan or Jeera Rice, you might also need paneer. Paneer is a type of cheese that is similar to tofu in texture and a great addition to any vegetarian meal.


Papdi Chaat

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The Chaat is one of the most popular North Indian snack or an alternative to a meal. Also known as Papri Chaat, it’s a crowd favorite fast food which is deeply fried dough wafers that can be stored for weeks at a time. When making this great snack, you also have to exert extra effort in mixing up different flavored sauces including tangy, spicy, and sweet sauce.


Talking about Indian food is making me crave one of these dishes now, how about you? For all, you Indian cravings, drop by the latest restaurant in town: Bombay Hub Sports Bar & Grill! We are located at 212 Main St., Palmerston, ON! So, which of these 5 dishes will you order first?


Top 5 Indian Teas and Their Benefits

Did you know that India, the Land of Spices, is also a big producer of tea? There are more than 100,000 tea estates with many tea workers around the country. Tea is a big part of India’s culture so it’s no wonder why most of the tea they produce is consumed by its own people.

Photo credits to Free-Photos via Pixabay

The kinds of tea that is grown and produced in India varies depending on its population, geography, and climate. Different tea-growing regions in India provides a different but perfect climate for specific kinds of tea. The three main Indian tea regions are Northern India, known for Assam tea; West Bengal or area near Tibetan Himalaya, known for Darjeeling tea; and Southernmost part, known for Nilgiri tea.

With that said, here are five types of tea that are popular in the Land of Spices.

Assam Tea

As you can tell by the name, it’s a black tea that is native to Assam. It is referred to as the rich, deep-amber liquor, with a brisk, malty taste. Assam tea is known and liked in many other parts of the world. It’s beneficial to our body because it increases mental alertness and helps enhance the immune system and lessen the risk of cell damage which may lead to cancer.  Not only that, the Assam tea is flavourful, packed with antioxidants, and can help relieve tension and nerves, etc.


Darjeeling Tea

This is a kind of black tea that is grown in Darjeeling town, located in the state of West Bengal in India. Many people consider this as the “champagne of teas” for its musky-sweet tasting notes that are similar to muscat wine. Darjeeling tea may also have vegetal, mossy, fruity, and citrus flavors. Health benefits include promoting antioxidant capabilities and positive cardiovascular effects, help prevent obesity, improve gut health, address gastric ulcers, and assist with lowering diabetes risk.


Nilgiri Tea

Photo credits to congerdesign via Pixabay

Just like the Darjeeling and Assam tea, it’s a dark, flavourful and aromatic tea that is popular around the world. Nilgiri tea is also known as blue mountain tea and is grown in the southern part of the Western Ghats. It has dark, twisted, chestnut brown shoots. The Nilgiri tea is the “fragrant one” among other teas, and this is said to be full of flavor that is strong but smooth and well-balanced. It helps reduce weight, improve oral health, and fight diabetes.

Masala Chai

This is black tea mixed in with the Indian spices that the country is known to produce: cinnamon, cloves, ginger, and elaichi. Because of all its spices, the Masala Chai has a distinct aroma and flavor which makes it very popular not just in India, but also in snack houses all over the world. It’s health benefits include preventing body inflammation and helping beat fatigue.


Butter Tea


It is said that traditional butter tea begins by simmering compressed pu-erh tea in water for several hours to produce a dark fermented tea that has a very earthy flavor. Next, it is churned with yak butter or yak milk to form a creamy and frothy tea. The Butter Indian Tea’s butter brew fundamentals is a long-standing tradition in both Tibet and India. They say that natives in Tibet treat this tea as food and that the caloric and micronutrient value can provide much-needed sustenance against harsh elements of the region. That’s why they are known to drink more or less 50 cups a day to maintain energy!


Which one do you want to taste first? Get your own Indian tea fix at Bombay Hub for authentic and delicious Chai to get you through the day. Bombay Hub Sports Bar and Tandoori Grill is a fast food restaurant that’s a fusion of Western and Indian cuisine. Our first branch is opening very soon at 212 Main St. W Palmerston, ON. You may like our Facebook page for updates and announcements. So are you ready for a new go-to food place near you? Be one of our first customers during the opening and get a cup of our Indian tea for free! Here at Bombay Hub, it’s all about good food, good game, and good company!


5 Reasons Why You Should Spend Game Night At The Sports Bar

When NFL season comes in, sports bar are supposed to brace themselves for a jam-packed night. But with streaming trends going off the roof, a lot of people have the option to watch the games at the comfort of their own homes with their families. That is fun too, no doubt —but let’s not forget how different and entertaining it is to celebrate or enjoy the game night at a sports bar. Here are 5 good reasons to hold game nights at a sports bar like Bombay Hub Sports Bar and Tandoori Grill!

  • It’s cheaper than going to a stadium and more enthusiastic than watching at home.

Because money is easy to spend and hard to earn, we love getting what we pay for. Instead of buying tickets to see the game personally, why don’t you and your friends just gather around in a sports bar? You can save a lot from the overpriced ticket, parking fee, and food stalls around the area.

  • It’s convenient.

When you’re in a sports bar, there are people who will cook and serve the drinks for you. All you have to do is say your order and watch while you wait! Also, houses tend to be so far away so if you want to meet up with friends, meet them halfway by staying in a sports bar! This is also a better option than driving a long way to get to the stadium.

  • You can take a break from homemade food.

Please your palates with Bombay Hub’s delicious menu of Western and Indian cuisine as you dine with your best buddies and watch some sports! Pair it with our ice cold drinks and you’re on your way to a great day/night ahead!

  • There’s more coverage on TV.

Compared to going personally at the stadiums, watching it on TV covers all sides of the stadium and even has slow-mos and close-ups. So really, it’s not that much of a loss when missing out on stadiums.

  • Have closer ties and meet new friends.

Spending your game night at a sports bar like Bombay Hub also gives you the opportunity to hang out with other sports fans and cheer together! Be careful not to stir up a fight and just keep it friendly and respect each other’s team.

So for the next sports night, spend it with us here at Bombay hub! Get your daily dose of sports, Western & Indian cuisine, and thirst quenching drinks! We’re opening very soon at 212 Main St., W Palmerston, ON.  You may like our Facebook page for more updates and announcements! Come on down to Bombay Hub Sports Bar and Tandoori Grill — where great stories begin!

What’s Good About Indian Food?


What is the first word that comes into mind when you see or hear the words, “Indian Food”? Would it be spicy, strong, aromatic, exotic, or all those words? Indian food or Indian cuisine is actually a combination of six flavors with one or two standing out. These flavors are sweet, sour, bitter, salty, astringent and spicy. It is a great cuisine to innovate, experiment and be creative.

Indian cuisine has some of the best and healthiest dishes that carry several benefits. People in India have a low meat consumption rate because of dietary or health reasons and religion. A huge part of their population is vegetarians, while another big part of it is because they are Hindus or Muslims.

So what’s good about Indian food? Here are 5 fun facts and major benefits you should know about!

  1. Most, if not all, Indian dishes are made from scratch! Cooks use only fresh ingredients and spices to create a lovely dish with strong flavors and a pleasing aroma that makes your mouth water. By this fact alone, makes Indian food way healthier than many other cuisines for they use little to no preservatives in their food.
Photo credit to Stevepb via Pixabay
  1. Indian cuisine includes a wide selection of vegetables and fruits into their dishes. While there are processes that tend to squeeze out the nutrients from veggies which loses its health benefits but Indian cooking has a way of retaining their freshness and nutrients. If you want the health benefits of fruits and veggies incorporated into dishes, Indian food is the way to go.
Photo credit to GOLDINPIC via Pixabay
  1. Another fact that falls under health benefits is that yogurt is used as part of many Indian dishes, and we all know the good that yogurt brings to our bodies. Any food that contains yogurt — fermented milk that carries good bacteria — helps in one’s diet, digestion, and many more.
Photo credits to GOLDINPIC via Pixabay
  1. Indian makes use of the many spices that their country produces such as turmeric, ginger, chilies, cumin, cinnamon, and a lot more. Many of these spices have medicinal and healing properties which are very good for the body, thus making a lot of Indian dishes very healthy to eat. Even though people think that Indian food is spicy, strong, or overwhelming, little do they know that it also contains a lot of health benefits as well. Not only does Indian food taste good, but it’s healthy too!
Photo credits to MiraCosic via Pixabay
  1. The strong and overwhelming taste of Indian dishes is brought to us by negative food pairing. According to Munchies, the researchers explained that “the more the extent of flavor-sharing between any two ingredients, the lesser their co-occurrence.” What is so amazing about Indian food is that it stands out among other cuisines because of its dominating flavor and strong signature taste that people won’t ever forget.
Photo credits to Ambati via Pixabay

How about you? What do you love about Indian food? If you’re an Indian cuisine lover, you’d be excited to know that a new Indian restaurant is coming your way this 2018!

Bombay Hub Sports Bar and Tandoori Grill is an up and coming Indian and Western fast food place that will bring India to towns and cities near you! The first branch is set to open before the end of this year at 212 Main St. W Palmerston, ON. Brace yourselves for a new favorite place to hang out in, opening very soon!


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