5 Sports Bar Etiquette Every Sports Fan Should Follow

When the game season comes around, it’s no doubt that sports bars in town are bound to be a full house. There are different ways to watch the game like buying tickets to cheer your favorite teams personally or choosing pay per view. Another fun way to watch sports is going to sports bars and be one with like-minded people who love sports.

Whether you’re a sports bar first-timer or a sports bar regular, good manners and basic respect is important. So here are important sports bar etiquettes to keep in mind!

  1. Think ahead.

You know that game season is always a thing, which means that sports bars will most likely be full. Check all the schedule of the teams you want to watch and plan ahead which sports bar you’d like to go to. When you do, try to arrive at the sports bar earlier than the schedule of your game to save yourself some seats. You don’t want to make an effort going to sports bar only to see that all tables are already taken.

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Next up, open a tab. You probably already know that every game gets so out of hand when your favorite team starts winning. The same goes for when the game goes downhill. Doing this in advance will help you keep track of what you’re ordering. At the same time, this puts the bartender at ease as this allows the bartender to know that you are aware that you have to pay before you leave.

  1. Respect other fans.

It’s no doubt that rivalry against the teams might get intense. Despite this, always keep in mind to keep the friendliness vibe intact and respect other fans. Avoid insulting others, and just keep the banters light and playful. At the end of the day, it’s just a game and you’re all just sports fans supporting teams who do not even know you. So keep things civil and friendly.

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  1. Avoid blocking the view.

Remember that you’re not the only one watching. Have common sense and basic manners — don’t sit or stand in front of other people. It’s that simple. If the bar is an all-standing room only, respect those who came first. You could also acknowledge someone’s presence and try to find a way not to block their view.

  1. Be appropriate.

There’s no harm in being supportive and getting a little deep into the cheerful spirit, but make sure to keep it at bay.  Don’t forget that you are in a bar, with other people dining and drinking while watching the game. Don’t get too loud and don’t be a hater and/or whiner when the team you love, loses. Lastly, don’t get too drunk. Make sure you could still manage yourself in the bar so you won’t cause trouble and be an inconvenience.

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Watching at a sports bar is something every sports fan should have experience. It’s a different kind of memory that they could keep. It’s about bonding with friends over food, drinks and sports, while being one with other sports enthusiasts and being friendly with other team’s fans.

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