5 Reasons Why You Should Spend Game Night At The Sports Bar

When NFL season comes in, sports bar are supposed to brace themselves for a jam-packed night. But with streaming trends going off the roof, a lot of people have the option to watch the games at the comfort of their own homes with their families. That is fun too, no doubt —but let’s not forget how different and entertaining it is to celebrate or enjoy the game night at a sports bar. Here are 5 good reasons to hold game nights at a sports bar like Bombay Hub Sports Bar and Tandoori Grill!

  • It’s cheaper than going to a stadium and more enthusiastic than watching at home.

Because money is easy to spend and hard to earn, we love getting what we pay for. Instead of buying tickets to see the game personally, why don’t you and your friends just gather around in a sports bar? You can save a lot from the overpriced ticket, parking fee, and food stalls around the area.

  • It’s convenient.

When you’re in a sports bar, there are people who will cook and serve the drinks for you. All you have to do is say your order and watch while you wait! Also, houses tend to be so far away so if you want to meet up with friends, meet them halfway by staying in a sports bar! This is also a better option than driving a long way to get to the stadium.

  • You can take a break from homemade food.

Please your palates with Bombay Hub’s delicious menu of Western and Indian cuisine as you dine with your best buddies and watch some sports! Pair it with our ice cold drinks and you’re on your way to a great day/night ahead!

  • There’s more coverage on TV.

Compared to going personally at the stadiums, watching it on TV covers all sides of the stadium and even has slow-mos and close-ups. So really, it’s not that much of a loss when missing out on stadiums.

  • Have closer ties and meet new friends.

Spending your game night at a sports bar like Bombay Hub also gives you the opportunity to hang out with other sports fans and cheer together! Be careful not to stir up a fight and just keep it friendly and respect each other’s team.

So for the next sports night, spend it with us here at Bombay hub! Get your daily dose of sports, Western & Indian cuisine, and thirst quenching drinks! We’re opening very soon at 212 Main St., W Palmerston, ON.  You may like our Facebook page for more updates and announcements! Come on down to Bombay Hub Sports Bar and Tandoori Grill — where great stories begin!

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